What Is Purple Possibility?

Purple-Possibility-Web-BannerHave you ever felt like throwing the entire game board of LIFE up in the air – and seeing where the pieces land? Are you curious about what you might find underneath all the rubble? And are you eager to know how all the pieces fit together – in a way that honors who you are as an authentic human being?

This has inspired my newest programs, the Purple Possibility Studio and the Purple Possibility Diamond – both designed to spark the creative possibilities on your life purpose journey. Through creative exploration and an open mind, you’ll be gently guided into a more heightened awareness of what’s already present as you shift your focus toward connecting the dots of life’s synchronicities.

It’s a unique and spiritually-rich approach to exploring life’s possibilities by following the path of synchronicity. It’s designed to take you out of your head – and into the depth of what is possible for you when you step out of your comfort zone and claim your purple diamond of authenticity.

  • Would you like to shift from a mindset of “impossible” to “possible?”
  • Would you like to create the space to manifest the “purple possibilities” in your life?
  • What opportunities are already present – that you may be overlooking?

The name Purple Possibility came to me when I started thinking about the possibilities that lie in “grey” when we step out of a black and white mindset. And then I began to think – what if we “colorized” the black and white, and made it red and blue? What possibilities would be available to us if we chose to look through a purple lens?

What would we see? And how could this alter the path we’re currently on?

By connecting the dots of synchronicity and following the “thread of purpose” – where would we land? And what doors would open from there?

Are you curious about your Purple Possibility?

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So what’s your Purple Possibility?

Come join me for a rich conversation and let’s begin connecting a few dots!