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Where ideas, innovation, inspiration, and initiation are celebrated!

Purple Stars and Moon Light

  • Is your head filled with so many ideas, you don’t know where to start?
  • Does your vision feel out of focus, causing you to spin in circles?
  • Are you overwhelmed with the possibilities?
  • Would you love a good brainstorming session where you can get clarity on what creative direction is best for you and what action to take next?
  • Would you like to explore your natural creative style and how you can use it to maximize your creative business potential?

If so, then join me for a 30-day experience in the Purple Possibility – Alchemy Studio – my version of a “creative think tank” – where you can show up with your many questions and ideas around a new business direction, a creative project, or how to move into the next level of your creative expression.

  • Perhaps it’s that life-changing book you’ve been working on for eons, but keep finding yourself facing one creative block after another.
  • Maybe it’s that passion-filled business that you’ve been wanting to start, but you haven’t yet gotten the courage to just go for it.
  • Or it could be the nonprofit organization you’ve been pondering, the one that’s destined to change the world.
  • It might even be that art gallery you’ve been talking about, the one where you’ll finally display your artistic masterpieces for the public to see.
  • Or maybe it’s time to bring the film you’ve been visualizing in your mind to life on the big screen.

Whatever project or vision you have contemplating, bring it to our virtual creative studio – and let’s work together on moving it from concept to completion.

The Spiritual Artist

Lots of wisdom, guidance, and support await you in the Purple Possibility – Alchemy Studio where you’ll receive two private 75-minute coaching sessions – an idea ignition call where we’ll get clear on what you’re bringing to the creative table and an idea fueling call where we’ll bring clarity to your next steps – with private e-mail access for ongoing coaching, support, and collaboration during the 30-day period.

I’ll also be introducing you to the powerful energies of each moon phase (as they’re happening real-time) – and sharing how they can support your creative planning process.

Additionally, through an assessment, we’ll explore your natural creative style – and use it to maximize your creative business potential.

Lisa Alexander“When I first met Tina, I was still in the midst of trying to figure out a new direction for my business. In just a brief conversation, Tina intuitively “got me.” Working with Tina, I was able to put the pieces of my branding puzzle together with her insightful questions and loving guidance. Her knowledge with moon cycles provided the clarity I was seeking to re-discover who I am at my core and what I would like to create and express through my business offerings. I am looking forward to working with her again in the near future.”
~ Lisa Alexander, Life Design Coach, Hartford, CT www.SoulSpeakMarketing.com

If you’re ready for a dose of inspiration on how to move forward – and if you’re ready to ignite your next great idea or project, then join me in the Purple Possibility – Alchemy Studio.

Your modest investment of $797 includes two private coaching sessions and private e-mail access for continued support throughout your 30-day idea incubation experience. You’ll also receive my intuitive wisdom and astrological guidance (based on your astrology chart).

Patricia-Young“Before I started working with Tina, I was confused and overwhelmed because I didn’t know how to organize the content I had for my book. Tina is very intuitive and knowledgeable – and really helped me get the clarity I needed on how to make the content flow with ease and grace. I now have an outline for my book that makes sense. I really appreciate her guidance and expertise, as well as all the tools and resources she provided to stimulate my inspiration during the process. I’m looking forward to continuing my work with her on other creative projects!”
~ Patricia Young
, Fort Lauderdale, FL

To initiate your experience in the Purple Possibility – Alchemy Studio, please register via the purple button above – and I’ll be in touch with our next steps.

I’ll see you soon in the land of purple possibility and creative alchemy!


Tina M. Games
“The Moonlight Muse”

Certified Creativity Coach and Possibility Artist
The Moonlight Muse